Here's what to expect when you hire me

Meet & Greet

This can be over email/phone or in person-whatever works for you. We will:

  • Answer all your questions.
  • Discuss design ideas.
  • Define your budget and deadline.
  • Set goals & message for your site.
  • Discuss options for marketing your site.

Build it

I'll use my years of experience to design a flawless site that meets your goals and delivers your message clearly. Be involved in the process or leave it all to me. I can take care of:

  • Creating your site
  • Writing your copy
  • Having a logo created
  • Setting up hosting
  • Acquiring or transferring your domain name
  • Programing the site's functionality/forms

Testing and marketing

I'll test your new site across a range of browsers and devices to make sure it always looks and functions flawlessly. A third-party editor will proof-read all copy to ensure it's perfect.

Once your site is perfect, we can begin your email marketing or pay-per-click ads.