website design

Making a website isn't hard - you could make your own in a day or two, and probably spend under .

But creating an website is a different story. An effective website communicates a message that is received on the other end. It's designed to achieve specific business goals . An effective website doesn't show users what they don't care about, and it communicates information they DO want in a way that is quick and easy. It tells visitors why they should give you their business and makes it for them to move toward that end.

When you hire me, I'll learn about your business, message and the goals you want your site to help achieve. With my experience and knowledge of user's behavior - I'll create the most effective site possible.


There are 3 major ways to market your business online: using pay-per-click ads, email campaigns and social media campaigns. I'll show you how to design effective campaigns that create new sales and interest in your business.

1. PPC ads

A lot of businesses assume their pay-per-click advertising campaign will automatically have their phone ringing off the hook.

I've been involved in the design and maintenance of hundreds of campaigns - and the reality is very far from this. It's easy to spend a lot of money and have nothing to show for it. A PPC campaign needs to be carefully designed, monitored and managed. And those need to be sent to a page that is going to result in a sale or an action.

I'll design and maintain your campaign - and closely monitor the return you are getting for your investment.

2. Email campaigning

Most marketing emails get deleted without being opened. However, it is possible to set up an email campaign that actually engages your contacts. Together we will create messages that hold real value for your contacts. I'll create subject lines, and a delivery schedule designed to engage your contacts, not annoy them.

3. Using social media and/or a blog

Blogging and posting on social media sites are nearly free ways to keep people thinking about your business. But you need to be consistent and you need to put some thought being what you post. I can set it up so that your pre-written content is automatically posted at regular intervals in the future.

What about SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is misunderstood by those who hope to unlock its secrets to get to the top of search engine listings. This air of mystery is in large part caused by an industry of unscrupulous SEO service providers. These are the companies that will promise to put you on the first page of search results for a fee - and typically they won't reveal their 'secret' methods.

If you are considering paying anyone who has made a promise like this - save your money. There are ways to get increase your ranking - but they aren't mysterious magical secrets.

1. When I create or re-design you site, I will use the best practices outlined by the search engines. Not only are these things not secrets, but they are clearly explained by the search engine companies themselves. Here's Google's guide for example.

2. Have good content and tell people about it.

That means keeping your site up-to-date. Keep up with your blog postings and email campaigns. Post comments in conversations on other sites that deal with your area of business and link to your site. If you use social media, stay active and keep your postings interesting and relevant.

Fresh, interesting content gets read, linked to and shared. Visits mean a higher ranking. Again, no big secret here - it just takes a consistent effort.