My Services

Web Design

Whether you need a brand new site, a re-design of an existing site or new pages added to your site, I can take care of everything. I'll make sure your site works correctly on all devices and web browsers. Be a part of the design process or leave it to me to create a design that represents you and your company.


From contact forms to online shopping and payment, I can make your website 'do' whatever you need. Wether you want to integrate with other sites like Facebook or Paypal, or you need custom functionality for your specific needs- I've got you covered.

Copy-writing and Proof-Reading

Great copy is so important to a website, but is often overlooked. I work with a professional writer to help deliver your message in a clear, concise and compelling way. They will also proof-read the entire site to ensure there are no mistakes.

Domain Name and Hosting

I can purchase your domain for you and provide hosting or integrate what you already have.

Marketing Your Site

Once we're done creating your site, you might want to market it to potential clients. I have tons of experience with:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to stay close to your audience. But a poorly planned campaign will only result in your messages getting junked.

I'll show you how to build and maintain your email list and send messages that people will want to read. I'll explain how to keep your messages from getting labeled as spam. I'll also share what I have learned over many years about creating subject lines that get attention and sending messages at the right frequency.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

It's a commonly held view that you can't lose with pay-per-click ads. I've overseen many campaigns using Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ad Sever - sometimes they yield great results, and sometimes they are a big waste of money.

I'll show you common pitfalls and how to closely monitor your campaign's performance to ensure that you are getting a return for your advertising dollar.


Search engine optimization is about getting your site found on search engines - and it's often misunderstood. I'll explain what works and what doesn't, and set up your site to get as high as possible in the listings.


Writing interesting blog articles on a regular basis is great way to bring visitors to your site (and keep your company in their thoughts). I can set up a blog page and make it easy for you to add new articles.

Social Media

If you don't already have them, I can set up pages for your business on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. I'll show you how easy it is to post messages, invite friends and run promotions.


I can set up a Google Analytics profile for your website. It will tell you who visits your site, what pages they click on and how long they stay. Using analytics along with advertising and email campaigns will show you how well your marketing efforts are working and what needs to be changed.

User Testing

Using a network of testers we can find out what parts of your website are working well and what parts users are having trouble with. We will also discover what impression your website visitors are getting of your business and what should be changed to make them more likely to contact you.


I will be available to make any changes you need in the future. I can also maintain your email and ad campaigns as well as your blog and social media postings if you need.